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Clerk’s Department

The Vision:

The Clerk’s Department provides a link between other municipal departments and Council to facilitate the implementation of Council’s decisions and policies.  It is our responsibility to provide administrative support to Council and its Committees and to ensure that all actions taken by Council are recorded and communicated to the public.

The Clerk’s Department is also responsible for the management of Information Technology for the Township as well as the administration of the Township’s cemeteries and Lottery Licensing matters.

Additional functions of the Clerk’s Department include:

ü  Preparing Council and Committee Agendas

 ü  Recording the Minutes of Council and Committee meetings according to procedures as set out in the Municipal Act.

 ü  Responding to requests under the Municipal Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act.

 ü  Issuing Municipal Lottery Licenses to qualifying groups.

 ü  Acting as a Commissioner of Oaths and Affidavits

 ü  Conducting the municipal and school board elections in accordance with the Municipal Elections Act.

 ü  Preparing draft by-laws and policies in consultation with the Township solicitor and/or consultants who have been engaged by the Township and various Provincial and Federal Ministries.

 ü  Establishing and managing the corporate records management practices.

 ü  Overseeing real property acquisition and disposal for the Township.

 ü  Validating all official documents

 ü  Representing The Corporation in public relations.

 ü  Maintaining an effective relationship with various Provincial and Federal Ministries, ensuring that the Township’s best interests are represented.


 Clerk-Treasurer:  Cheryl Marshall

 Deputy Clerk-Treasurer:  Louise Heintzman  There is a $10.00 charge for Commissioning any document

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