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A person who has obtained a fire permit shall:

- Not permit more than one (1) cubic metre of material to be burned at any one time.
- Said material to be limited to wood or wood by-products.
- Situate the fire at least 10 metres from any building, vegetation or adjacent property.
- Ensure that he/she has adequate tools and water to contain the fire.
- Be in constant attendance during the fire.
- Not allow a fire to continue to burn if the fire causes:
o A decrease in visibility on any highway or roadway
o Inconvenience or irritation to others.
- Not allow a fire to burn during a time of high winds.

ALL Fire Permits will be cancelled when the Fire Hazard Condition reaches, High, Extreme (Fire Ban), or a Restricted Fire Zone is imposed by the MNR.

A Fire Permit is not required for small (under 3 foot) campfires that are being used for cooking and/or warmth purposes. A water supply must be immediately available to extinguish the fire at all times. You must also be in constant attendance during the fire.

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