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  • NO SCAVENGING AT LANDFILL SITE - PLEASE VISIT THE RE-USE AREA - No other items are to be removed from Landfill Site - See By-Law 04-2018
The Landfill Site is located at 2161 Highway 518 West.
Hours of operation from April 1st through to November 30th are 9am - 5pm. Closed every Wednesday and Thursday.  Landfill Site is open on all Holidays from Victoria Day to Thanksgiving.
Winter hours (December 1st to March 31st) are 1pm to 5pm on Monday, Tuesday and Friday - 9am-5pm Saturday and Sunday.  Closed every Wednesday, Thursday and Holidays.

Entry to the site is prohibited when the gate is locked. Upon entering with the gate access card, please identify yourself to the Attendant before unloading any materials. The Attendant will direct you to the appropriate areas for your materials. All materials that are recyclable must be recycled. There is no charge or limit for regular household garbage bags at this time, but all recyclable items in those bags must be taken out or bags will be refused. Only material from this Township will be allowed into the site. Any material found to be from another Township will be refused. Please check with the Attendant before bringing an item if you are unsure if there is a charge.

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       For all Building Department inquiries please contact the Township of McMurrich/Monteith Office at 705-685-7901.  


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