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Tender 2020-04 Surface Treatment Cover Sheet
Tender 2020-04 Documents

Notice - Easter Holiday Office and Landfill Closure

Notice - Health Unit Media Release - Stay Home Except for Essential Reasons

Notice - Health Unit Media Release - March 30, 2020

Notice - Covid-19 Building Department

Notice - Health Unit - Person Confirmed Positive for Covid-19

Notice - Health Unit Media Release - Assessment and Testing - March 20, 2020

Notice - Ministry of Health - How to self-monitor Fact Sheet

Notice - Ministry of Health - Caregivers Fact Sheet

Notice - Ministry of Health - Self-Isolation Fact Sheet

Notice - Health Unit Media Release - March 17, 2020 - Covid-19

Notice to Residents - COVID-19 - Municipal Operations

Notice - Ministry of Health - Enhanced Public Health Measures for COVID-19

Notice - Health Unit Media Release - March 11, 2020 - Covid-19

Notice - Health Unit Media Release March 6, 2020 - Covid-19

Notice - Cleaning and Disinfection in Public Settings

Notice - Load Restrictions

Notice - MMCAP Hours are Changing March 3rd, 2020

Report of the Integrity Commissioner - February 3, 2020 Council Meeting

Notice - Muskoka Algonquin Health Care - Task Force Update #29

     Notice of Public Meeting - Proposed New Official Plan

  Draft Official Plan     
 Appendix 1 - Resources   Appendix 2 - Wildland Fire    Schedule A - Land Use
Schedule B1 - Natural Heritage Features

 Schedule B2 - Natural Heritage Features

Schedule C - Development Constraints

 Schedule D - Transportation & Infrastructure

Muskoka Algonquin Health Care - Building Survey

  2019 Notice of Participation in Cooperative Buying Group(s)
(Canadian Free Trade Requirement)

McMurrich Monteith Welcome Package

Report of the Integrity Commissioner - October 23, 2018

2018 Fall Newsletter

Landfill Site - Recycling Material Poster
Please note there are now 3 separations - 1) Fibers, 2) Containers and 3) Glass

Almaguin Highlands Regional
Economic Development Strategic Plan
- Survey Link -
Belvedere Heights Home for the Aged

is looking for members to sit on their Fundraising Committee
-please contact

              Fire Permits - Required April 1st through to October 31st

Economic Development Press Release  
Landfill Kiosk and Gate System  
Amberley Gavel Report - Integrity Commissioners
2017 Landfill Survey Results   

Southeast Parry Sound District Planning Board - Office Moving Notice                                  

                  Zoning Final Schedules Bylaw 16-2016

Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry
2015/2016 Almaguin Highlands Chamber of Commerce 

Almaguin Highlands Health Centre -

East Parry Sound Community Support Services Program -


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